Thunder point Coastal Reserve

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Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail

This 37km rail trail from the Moyne River in Port Fairy through Koroit to Warrnambool is currently under construction. The first 23.5km from Port Fairy to Illowa is completed and rideable with the section including tunnel access under the highway. The section from Illowa to Levy's Point is under construction and is planned to be completed by the May 2012. This uncompleted section is across Kelly's Swamp.


The railway line from Warrnambool to Melbourne was opened in 1887. The construction of the line to Port Fairy, via Koroit, started in late 1888 and it was completed in 1890.

Between Warrnambool and Belfast (Port Fairy) there were 12 gate keepers’ cottages. Stations were situated at, Warrnambool, Illowa, Koroit, Crossley Kirkstall, Moyne, Rosebrook and Port Fairy where farmers shipped their produce directly to Geelong and Melbourne.

Koroit became an important hub with the line to the north (Ararat line) joining the Port Fairy to Warrnambool line some 300 yards to the west of the station. Remnants of the cattle loading yards can be seen near North Street. The goods shed, one of the largest in the area is opposite the station. Also, remnants of the sidings and goods sheds at Port Fairy, Koroit and Illowa can be seen along the trail.

Some thought the line so beneficial that they felt the farmers should not require compensation for it passing through their property. For a time, the soon to decline ports, handled large quantities of railway materials. J Wilson and Company supplied 5,100 tons of equipment to the project.

The line came to provide an important recreational aspect to the area. Special pleasure trains ran to the seaside towns for Sunday school picnics, school excursions and social gatherings.

The line closed in September 1977 due to low usage.

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